Innovations offers a variety of treatment levels and treatment modalities. Intensive behavioral services are available through the ABA Clinic. Adults with disabilities can participate in the Day Service program. Outpatient services including music, family and group treatment is also available. The Caring Piece is a division of our outpatient clinic that provides treatment to families and caregivers of individuals with special needs. Counseling services are also available in a school setting.

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ABA Clinic


ABA Clinic

The ABA clinic is a structured learning environment where children with developmental disabilities, behavior problems, and social skill/communication deficits are evaluated and treated using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Our clinic provides children with full day 1:1 intensive ABA services in a caring and well supervised environment. Curriculum is created specifically for each child and programs are evaluated by careful and thorough data collection techniques. All ABA clinic staff are trained on ABA principles and teaching strategies and continue to be introduced to new research and issues in the field of ABA by Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Parents and other caregivers are also included in the training process to ensure that learning continues at home and in the community.
Behavior Management

Behavior Management

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Innovations in Learning’s Behavior Management Department provides behavioral services and interventions utilizing principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. These services are traditionally home and/or community based with funding provided by the Indiana Medicaid Waiver Program. Our consumers receive a thorough functional assessment as well as a Behavior Support Plan, which is individually tailored to assist the client in meeting their goals and behavioral needs.   Our Behavior Therapists are Master’s level clinicians, whom receive specialized clinical training and experience in Applied Behavior Analysis. Each therapist receives on-going training and supervision from Licensed Therapists and/or Board Certified Behavior Analysts.
Social Skills Groups

Group Therapy

Innovations values the application of behavior analysis in a group setting as it offers clients the ability to practice relevant skills, increase generalization of skills and build positive relationships with peers.  We offer a number of different group settings.

Our children’s social skills groups are offered as a natural progression in a child’s treatment plan.  Children with Autism have a variety of social skills needs that we prefer to address in a group format.  These groups are designed for children with moderate to high verbal skills.

Our adolescent and adult groups focus on a variety of skills such as emotion training, social skills, social problems solving, and anger management skills.  Adult groups may also focus on socio/sexual education to teach basic sexual education (e.g., gender differences, developmental changes, etc), dating and relationship skills, and the appropriate expression of sexual behaviors. The learner is taught differences between public and private intimate behaviors and we promote skills that will assure personal safety.

“Caring Piece” provides a monthly support group for families of individuals with Developmental Disabilities.  The support group typically meets on the third Thursday of the month.  In addition to the support group, The Caring Piece also provides individual, couple, and group outpatient services for family members.

We offer special group activities during the summer months including “Camp Wanna Play” and a program for young adults with disabilities.

Our staff is always open to forming new groups as referrals and client requests dictate.  Please let us know if you have any requests for specific groups.

Individual Behavior Therapy

Individual and Family Therapy

We accept a variety of referrals for individual, couple, and family therapy. Our clinical staff will help you and your family by completing a thorough evaluation and offering appropriate treatment recommendations. Although our agency specializes in the treatment of individuals with disabilities and their family, and children with behavioral disorders, we also accept EAP referrals and more general counseling needs.

The Caring Piece

The Caring Piece

The Caring piece provides a monthly Parent Information and Network (PING) group. PING provides parents the opportunity to network while also receiving relevant information to support them in their parenting role. the caring piece We are pleased to announce the grant renewal for The Caring Piece at Innovations in Learning. Thanks to a generous grant from Geminus Community Partners, we are able to provide counseling, education and support services for families of children with special needs. The following services are currently available through the Caring Piece:

Resource and Referral

The goal of this service is to provide our families with community resources and contact information, so that they are able to easily connect with services that matter most to them.

Individual Counseling

Being a parent can be challenging.  Being a parent of a child with special needs can be even more challenging.  Counseling services are available free of charge to parents, caregivers, and guardians of children with special needs. In addition to individual counseling services, individual training  programs to address Understanding and Managing Difficult Behaviors and Stress Management are available free of charge.


Group training programs are available that address understanding difficulty behaviors, understanding your child’s diagnosis, a couples support group, and a Toolbox program that assists parents in the skills of developing social stories, reward programs and other tools useful for working with their child.

Parent Support

Each month, Innovations hosts the Parent Information and Networking Group (PING).  This group is open to everyone, and is free of charge.  Childcare is also available at no cost, although space is limited.  Topics for this group vary each month and we have been fortunate to host many great speakers.  This is a great place to network and gain vital resources and skills. The PING group takes place the fourth Tuesday of every month from 5:30-7:30pm. Please call to register.

Adult Day Services

Adult Day Service

The Adult Day Services program incorporates principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to teach social, communication, academic, and daily living skills to adults with intellectual disabilities and/or Autism in a group setting through facility habilitation and group facilitation services.

Our Adult Development Instructors (ADI) are highly trained direct care staff who provide individualized care to adults with Intellectual Disabilities and/or Autism. Our ADIs are responsible for leading and co-leading activity-based learning groups to teach social, communication, academic, and daily living skills. ADIs receive ongoing supervision and training on-site from Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Licensed Clinicians.

Our Program Supervisor and Coordinator are responsible for the daily operations of the Adult Day Services program. They are also involved in the direct care and teaching within the program, providing ongoing support for the ADIs and engagement with the consumers and families that we serve each day. The Program Supervisor and Coordinator receive ongoing supervision and training from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst/Licensed Clinician.

Our Healthcare Coordinator is Registered Practical Nurse and is available on-site during all program hours to meet the needs of our consumers and staff. The Healthcare Coordinator also provides training in high risk issues and medication management to all staff of the Day Services program.

Music Therapy


Music Therapy

Music Therapy incorporates evidence-based music interventions and the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to teach communication, academic, motor, emotional, and social skills within individual and group settings. Services are provided by a board-certified Music Therapist (MT-BC). Our Music Therapists are board certified in Music Therapy and receive ongoing training and supervision in both Music Therapy and Behavior Analysis. They offer individual music therapy services in both the natural environment and at Innovations and also provide group music therapy services at Innovations.

In-School Counseling



Our in-school therapy program provides individual, group, and family counseling services to students within the school setting.  In addition, the therapist’s provide school wide character development programs, peer mediation, staff and parent trainings.  They play an integral role in the daily activities of the school including the Response to Interventions team, and assist the teachers in addressing behavioral concerns to help students be more effective in their learning environment.

Internship training program

OPPORTUNITIES AT INNOVATIONS students may choose to participate in any of the following programs:

  • The ABA Clinic incorporates the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis in an intensive clinic-based setting to teach communication and adaptive behavior skills to children, ages 3-12, diagnosed with Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, and other Neurodevelopmental Disorders.  This program is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.
  • The Adult Day Services incorporates principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to teach social, academic, and life skills to adults with Autism and/or Intellectual Disabilities.  This program is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 3:00pm.
  • The Behavior Management Department incorporates the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis in a home- and community-based setting to children and adults diagnosed with Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, and other Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Disorders.  Regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 7:00pm.


  • Data collection, graphing, and analysis
  • Direct functional assessments
  • Skills assessments
  • Skill acquisition plan writing
  • Instruction/skills teaching
  • Staff training/supervising
  • Indirect functional assessments
  • Functional analyses
  • Behavior reduction plan writing
  • BRP implementation
  • Case conceptualization
  • Instructional design
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration

A completed Innovations In Learning application must be submitted, in addition to the standard school requirements, in order to schedule an interview.  A negative TB test within the past 90 days, completion of state and county background checks, and negative drug screen are required prior to the start of the internship.


Carolyn Moore, MA, LMHC
Director / Internship Coordinator
cmoore@innil.net  219-688-8278


8200 Georgia Street
Merrillville, Indiana  46410

Educational & Training Programs

Educational and Training Programs

Innovations is invested in offering relevant training opportunities for the community and other professionals. Program topics may include dual diagnosis, developmental delay, Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Applied Verbal Behavior, the management of difficult child behaviors and positive parenting, and others. We also offer training to assist families in coping with their special needs individual. Please contact us if you have a training need that is not listed.

School Consultation

School Consultation

Innovations is proud of the positive relationship it has developed with a number of school corporations in the area. Therapists from the ABA Clinic and BMAN department are often contracted by school corporations to provide behavior consultation in the classroom setting. Innovations develops individual contracts based on the student’s needs. Innovations welcomes referrals from school corporations to provide school based or Clinic based services.

Psychological Assessment Services

Psychological Assessment Services

Innovations In Learning, PC provides a wide variety of psychological assessment services for children, adolescents, and adults. Psychological assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s cognitive, academic, and behavioral/social-emotional functioning. The psychological assessment process can provide answers to questions that individuals may have, and assist in the process of effectively identifying and treating these issues. The assessment process starts with you, your child, your physician, caseworker, or school asking us one or more questions that highlight the problems to be addressed. It also involves a collaborative approach between us in specifying the problems, interpreting the data that we obtain through testing, and then deciding how to use the information to make changes in the client’s life. The types of evaluations offered include:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Attention Disorders
  • Depression Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Cognitive Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Academic skills (reading fluency, reading comprehension, mathematics, problem solving, and writing), and processing skills

To schedule a psychological assessment or for more information, please call our clinic directly. Phone: (219) 791-1400