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Welcome to Innovations In Learning PC

Innovations is committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity through hard work, quality services, and a positive and supportive work environment.

We put our consumers first.

our mission

fav Our Mission

Innovations In Learning is dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities using Applied Behavior Analysis. We strive to provide a positive learning environment that results in a mutually rewarding experience for consumers and their families, our employees and the community.

what we do

fav What We Do

Innovations In Learning, PC, is a multi-faceted agency. We provide intensive ABA services to children with Autism and related disorders and Behavior Management therapy to individuals in the Waiver program, Day Services for adults with disabilities as well as outpatient services for children and adults including individual and group therapy. In all areas of our work we take pride in using empirically based interventions. We develop objective and measurable goals that allow close monitoring of treatment efficacy. Our intensive ABA program and Adult Day Services are located at our main center on Georgia Street in Merrillville.


I am 100% sure without the help of Innovations, my child would not be as successful as she is. From toilet training, to basic life skills, all the way to typing words in two years (non-verbal), Amazing! You all make home life better structured for my family. Thank you so much.
-Mr. & Mrs. Otero


There are not enough words in the English language to describe my gratitude for Innovations.

It’s like the staff has opened a new door for Ron to step through and he is a new person.

The staff is not there to “just get a paycheck”. Ron is more attentive, he is speaking more than he ever has and there is constant communication with the staff. Ms. Stacey is an absolute gem. Yes we as a FAMILY are very happy with Innovations.
-The Otis Family


Innovations in Learning has provided a learning environment for my son Ben and a safe place to spend time with his peers learning better social and daily living skills.  Innovations has Ben’s best interest at heart and will let me know if anything is wrong or Ben is struggling with something, so we can work on it together.  They also let me know if Ben is doing well.  In all, I have been very happy with the program and the progress Ben has made while at Innovations.
-Rob Spurr


Our son has been at Innovations for 2 yrs. and 5 months now. We tried 2 other day programs and they weren’t as welcoming as Innovations. This is a Triple A program and you will never find a better program in Lake County. My son feels respected and I think it’s due to their remarkable staff, he can’t wait to go every day. The greatest achievement for Brad is his social interactions which were absent until he started with Innovations. Also, his independence grew due to the work skills they teach him and the unlimited praise for a job well done.
-Cheryl Roboczy


Danny loves everything about Innovations, especially the outings. He looks forward to going to “school” everyday even when he is sick he still wants to go. Ria and Stacey are wonderful and the rest of the staff is fantastic. I’ve never had any complaints at all. Innovations makes Danny happy.
-Elisa Mercado


Our very outgoing son, Taylor was preparing to graduate from Munster High School. We kept Taylor in high school until age 22 because he needed the structure and socialization.  Shortly before graduation we took a trip to visit Innovations in Learning. We were impressed by Stacey, the staff, and program that was offered.  Now, almost four years later Taylor never wants to miss a day at Innovations in Learning.  Taylor’s interest in reading and learning has really progressed.  He loves the staff and looks forward to the fun field trips, dancing in the hallway on Fridays, helping in the garden, music, movies and all the fun filled activities every day.  The communication and responsiveness of Stacey and the staff is so impressive.  Taylor really feels at home at Innovations in Learning and we love hearing about his days there.
-Kathy Bandura