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Our Focus

The Day Service Program incorporates principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis to teach social, independent living, vocational and academic skills to adults. A group setting is used to encourage appropriate social interaction while personal goals and objectives are taught by our highly motivated and trained staff members.  We believe the learning process does not stop at any age.  Our goal in Day Services is to further the learning process to promote independence at home and in the community.

Services are provided through the Community Integration and Habilitation Waiver and The Family Supports Waiver

  • Facility Habilitation, Community Habilitation and Extended Services
  • 4:1 and 8:1 client to staff ratio

Your Day

You will participate in a day full of activity-based groups focused on skills development, from 9:00am-3:00pm.  You may come Monday through Friday or on a part-time basis that better fits your needs.  You will also develop a personal relationship with your Day Service Team and make new friends that will last a lifetime!

We focus on teaching:

Day Service Team


  • Supervisor team consists of a QIDP and a Program Supervisor.
  • The supervisors are assisted by Management Support Specialists.
  • The program has 3 Mentor Individual Support Staff that assist with leadership in the classroom
  • Direct service is provided by Individual Support Staff
  • A Licensed Practical Nurse is available on-site to assist with medical needs.

The Caregiver’s Role

Progress depends greatly on generalizing skills to the home and community.  We encourage you to reinforce all skills being taught in the Day Program at home.  To do this:

  • Review Daily Communication Sheets and Monthly Newsletter to know what skills to work on
  • Meet with your team at least twice per year to review program goals and objectives
  • Provide ongoing updates regarding medical or other life changes, including medications
  • Participate in bi-annual Innovations Parent and Caregiver Meetings